Research Posts for ‘William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse’

Research Posts for ‘William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse’
February 5, 2017 Genevieve Hopkins

The book, ‘The Adventures of William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse,’ is a simple children’s book but it is based on research about WWII, 453 Squadron, Spitfires, air combat tactics, pilots and geography. My research is ongoing with a new book in the series planned for release in the middle of this year (more about that coming soon) and the third book for the end of the year. My research includes records from the Australian War Memorial archives (squadron logs, operation reports, photographs etc), the National Library of Australia’s Trove archives and Google searches.

I am sure the information and stories I’ve uncovered would be fascinating to Very Brambleberry’s fans and to anyone interested in Spitfires, WWII, Australian Fighter Pilots and 453 Squadron. I plan to share what I’ve learned in regular posts on this website.

The first of these ‘Aviator Mouse Notes’ will be published tomorrow morning at 0900 and will be about the history of 453 Squadron. You can follow on Facebook and Twitter using #AviatorMouseNotes. Topics so far include:

  • 453 Squadron History
  • Spitfires – History and Engineering
  • Air Combat in WWII
  • ‘Sprog’ – 453SQN Mascot
  • D-Day for 453SQN
  • Men of 453SQN – D.G. Andrews
  • Men of 453SQN – Roderick ‘Froggie’ Lyall
  • Men of 453SQN – F.A.O ‘Tony’ Gaze
  • Men of 453SQN – D.H. Smith
  • Nancy Wake

I would love to hear your ideas or suggestions, comments or any additional information you might have on the topics. Please comment under the relevant post or send me an email at

The photo is of the pilots of 453 Squadron after their move from Perranporth, Cornwall (where they first met William Brambleberry) to Skaebrae in the Orkney Islands. Commanding Officer, SQNLDR D.G. Andrews stands in the middle in his flying jacket.

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