Partnering with Soldier On

Partnering with Soldier On
February 29, 2016 Genevieve Hopkins
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We are proud to announce our partnership with Soldier On. 10% of the purchase of any ‘Adventures of William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse’ books and merchandise is being donated to Soldier On.

Soldier On exists to help serving and ex-serving men and women who are physically or psychologically affected by their service.

By providing support to them and their families, Soldier On enhances their rehabilitation, inspires them to work towards recovery, connects them with their broader community and empowers them through education and employment to achieve a stable and secure future.

Funded by generous Australians like you, Soldier On is independent of government and works collaboratively with other organisations to serve as a conduit and one-stop-shop for support. 

To find out more, go to

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